Teacher with students

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I chose Ponce really because that they believed in me.

I didn’t think I was a competitive candidate for medical school.

I majored in anthropology. So when I was applying to med school, I had maybe a half as many science credits as anybody else going in.

I saw this opportunity to be part of a one year program that mirrors the MD or medical school and I thought that’s such a great opportunity to take.

You’re taking the same classes as a first year medical student. So it really puts you in a great position. One: to pass your classes the second time, and two: to also prepare you for step one.

It made me realize what I’m capable of and it boosted my confidence in succeeding as a medical student.

Coming in, I already know how I need to study what strategies I need to use while I’m leading up to each exam and how to pay attention in class.

I think it’s the intimate environment that you’re in. It’s a small school where you get to know every single person, there: student, faculty, staff. So whenever you’re studying by yourself, you could see all of your professors, your deans of academics just walking around and you’re able to converse with them.

The people here are really caring, they know that it’s challenging, and that these will be good skills for medical school or what you do with your degree. It’s well worth your time. It will be a challenging program, but it’s something that will build you up rather than tear you down.

Do it. Apply. This was the best decision I made. They molded me and they grew me into a better candidate and future doctor.