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The The PHSU School Of Medicine expanded its MD program into St. Louis and relocated to its new campus at 2351 Market St.

PHSU is acquired by University Ventures in September 2014 to operate the school, with a goal to build a global network of affiliated health sciences universities committed to preparing students for their careers in healthcare.

The PsyD in Clinical Psychology program is established at the PHSU main campus, which has since expanded to incorporate a Ph.D. in psychology and a certificate in Couples and Family. With the PsyD, PHSU aims to develop culturally-competent and socially-capable clinical psychologists with a foundation in biology, social sciences, human psychology.

The first iteration of Ponce Health Sciences University is founded by the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Soon, the University begins to phase out the medical program.

The PHSU St. Louis campus is opened, extending the university’s global network and efforts to serve historically underserved communities. St. Louis represented the perfect opportunity to expand and advance efforts to educate diverse populations in health sciences.

The Ponce Medical School Foundation, Inc. takes over the school’s medical program. Ponce Health Sciences University graduates its first class of 23 students in 1981. Since then, Ponce Health Sciences University has graduated over 1,000 health professionals.