Coming Soon: PHSU St. Louis - School of Medicine

The Ponce Health Sciences University in St Louis’ new School of Medicine will be coming as part of an $80 million educational investment in the City of St. Louis. The School will be the focal point of a massive educational investment beginning this year that will include a hospital for our students to complete their residencies and provide high-value care to our community. The new campus in the heart of St. Louis advances our efforts as a University to be recognized as academic and research leaders, while bringing future health leaders to our community to provide care and contribute to industry-leading research. Opening this School allows us to put action behind our vision of providing real education and research opportunities in a community dedicated to addressing and impacting health disparities on local and national levels.

The Education

At Ponce Health Sciences University in St. Louis (PHSU-St. Louis), we are answering a need in the community and providing an outlet to prepare more students for jobs in the field of healthcare – including mental health. We are aiming to create opportunities for all aspiring medical professionals and clinical psychologists, especially those who come from underrepresented and non-traditional healthcare communities, to excel in needed positions around the country.

Master of Science in Medical Sciences

With the Master of Science in Medical Sciences at PHSU-St. Louis, we are working to open up more health sciences education opportunities for students. Graduating with a MSMS degree gives our students an advantage when applying for medical school or entrance into dentistry, chiropractic, podiatry, optometry, nursing, pharmacy or other programs. Graduates could also pursue careers in STEM teaching or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Our Doctorate in Clinical Psychology program offers students interested in careers providing direct psychological services the opportunity to gain access to a wider variety of in-demand clinical psychology careers. Students are prepared to immediately enter the healthcare workforce to help address the severe lack of mental healthcare providers - especially those with multicultural competencies - in communities that need it most.

The St. Louis Campus expands Ponce Health Sciences University's global network and extends efforts to serve diverse and underserved communities. With a diverse pool of prospective students, highly credentialed educators and a pressing need for medical and psychological health professionals, St. Louis represented the perfect opportunity to expand the PHSU campus and advance our efforts to be recognized as prestigious global academic and research leaders, educating diverse populations while focusing research efforts on addressing health disparities.

The PHSU-St. Louis campus is located in the historic and fully modernized Globe Building. The iconic location has been completely renovated to create an environment that will facilitate higher learning, collaboration and positive outcomes. Students will enjoy a variety of amenities, including fully remodeled and comfort designed classrooms and all-new furnishings.

Globe Building, St. Louis Missouri

Our History


The Ponce Health Sciences University is an institution of academic excellence located in Ponce, a city on the southern coast of the tropical island of Puerto Rico.

The institution was founded in 1977 by the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Two years later, the University decided to phase out the barely established medical program. In January 1980, the Ponce Medical School Foundation, Inc., assumed responsibility for the school’s operation. Ponce Health Sciences University graduated its first class of 23 students in 1981. Since then, it has operated continuously and has graduated more than one thousand health professionals.


PHSU-Puerto Rico offers four academic programs including the Medicine Program (1977), Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (1988), Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program (PsyD Program-1999), which recently incorporated a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Certificate in Couples and Family. The fourth program is the Therapy and Public Health Program (2001) offering three master’s degree options in public health, environmental health, and epidemiology. In addition, the Therapy and Public Health Program offers a Ph.D. in Epidemiology. All degree options are accredited by their corresponding accreditation agencies.


The Ambulatory Center for Medical Research (CLAIMED in Spanish) was initiated in 2001 and is participating in over forty clinical studies aimed at improving the quality of healthcare being offered to our population.

MultiMed Services, an intramural multispecialty ambulatory healthcare center, was inaugurated in 2001. It also serves as a teaching site for clinical clerkships.

Affiliations with prestigious educational and scientific institutions, training programs, and healthcare services (both in the continental US and in Puerto Rico) have been established.


The school was chosen by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to operate one of 62 Regional Extension Centers (RECs) in the United States in order to help primary care physicians successfully adopt and implement health information technology.


Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences was acquired by University Ventures Corporation in September 2014 to operate Ponce Health Sciences University. Unique in the mission but global in its vision, University Ventures is developing a global network of affiliated health sciences universities and related institutions that are driven by a common and unrelenting commitment to superior student preparation. This commitment leads to excellent patient care and discoveries that improve the human condition.


Ponce Health Science University opens St. Louis, MO campus to expand its global network and efforts to serve underserved communities. With a diverse pool of prospective students, highly credentialed educators and a pressing need for medical and behavioral health professionals, St. Louis represented the perfect opportunity to expand and advance efforts to educate diverse populations while focusing research efforts on addressing health disparities.


Local leaders and elected officials including Congressman Lacey Clay gathered to join Ponce Health Sciences University President, Dr. David Lenihan, as he unveiled plans for an $80 million educational investment in North St. Louis. Among the commitment, a School of Medicine and a hospital, will provide anchors for the City of St. Louis to grow with PHSU St. Louis as a medical hub.


The mission of Ponce Health Sciences University is to provide a world-class, culturally-competent, health sciences education to the population we serve, through innovative adaptive learning environments focused on the success of its students to become ethical practitioners and scientists.


The PHSU vision is to be recognized as a prestigious academic and research leader educating underrepresented diverse populations while focusing research efforts on solving health disparities.


PHSU commits to its mission and the accomplishment of its vision by striving to fulfill the following institutional goals:

To continue its commitment to excellence in educational achievement by recruiting outstanding diverse students and faculty and providing the appropriate resources for the development of high-quality academic programs.

To expand its academic and professional educational offerings to include other health-related fields.

To enhance recognition of the institution’s commitment to excellence in basic and clinical research, scholarship and creative pursuits, supporting existing investigators and recruiting new highly qualified researchers.

To expand and improve its high quality medical, mental health, diagnostic and therapeutic services.